CEO Mechanic ~ A Bindarra Creek Romance

The-CEO-Mechanic-Final--SJames-smlThe CEO Mechanic ~ A Bindarra Creek Romance ~

Can the small town of Bindarra Creek erase the demons from his past and help him find love and forgiveness?

Mac Stafford comes to the small country town of Bindarra Creek looking for solitude after the death of his brother.

However, nothing keeps the demons away at night.

When Brooke Fairfax is summoned home to Bindarra Creek she finds herself instantly attracted to the town’s new mechanic. When she discovers Mac has lied her trust in him is shattered. Can she forgive him so they both can find happiness they deserve?

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Reviews from Amazon

4 Stars

Australia and stories about that great country are really wonderful. Fiction is ok and this story was a goodie. Enjoyed it heaps. Will probably look for more of these books.

5 Stars

It was such a great story. I really enjoy the Bindarra Creek series.

5 Stars

It is a good story. Love, not love, love and the conclusions of realizing love because of a serious accident

5 Stars

This had twists and turns and romance. The secondary characters were amazing. No hard core sex scenes, but that was just fine. Great read.

5 Stars

This was a great read. I have enjoyed all the books in the Bindarra Creek series and this one was no exception. It was well crafted and entertaining and I look forward to reading all the books.


Reviews from Goodreads

4 Stars

Mac was enjoying his job at Fred’s as the local mechanic – he’d only been in Bindarra Creek for around three months, but it was already feeling like home to him. If only he could erase the terrible guilt and grief that ate him up every day. But Mac worked hard, and that seemed to help. When he noticed a car he hadn’t seen in town before drive past, he admired the sleek lines of the Porsche. Fred soon informed him that it was Brooke Fairfax, and she’d be home for one of her sporadic visits to her mother and little brother Davey.

Brooke had been summoned home by her father – she had no love for him; Gordon Fairfax was a hard and cruel man, but she loved her Mum and Davey, and always had time for them. Brooke was an artist and lived in Tamworth, so it wasn’t a long drive to come back to Bindarra Creek. Usually her Mum and Davey visited her each weekend, but since her mother’s heart scare and current ill health, they hadn’t been able to travel.

When Mac delivered the car he had been working on to the Fairfax property, the first person he saw was Brooke – instant sparks of attraction were felt by both of them. And when young Davey, who was a Down Syndrome child, saw Mac, and was told “it’s just Mac” – Davey from then on called Mac “Juzz Mac”.

But there were secrets and lies surrounding Brooke’s family – and it seemed that Mac held secrets as well. The brief, easy-going camaraderie between Mac and Brooke was broken suddenly and Brooke knew she couldn’t trust Mac. There was trouble about to hit the members of the Fairfax family; plus a dangerous vibe was running through the air. What would happen? Would anyone be hurt? And would Brooke and Mac find a way back to each other?

The CEO Mechanic by Aussie author Sandie James is another in the Bindarra Creek series. Though this one is #4, there is no need to read them in order, as each is a stand-alone novel. Catching up again with characters from past novels in the series is great though – I’m thoroughly enjoying this series and the unique way they are written. At this stage it will be 13 different authors who each write 13 different stories about residents of Bindarra Creek. (Still a few to be published) This one is Mac and Brooke’s story, and it’s great. My favourite character is Davey though. He’s an absolute delight! Highly recommended.

With thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


4 Stars

I cannot recommend enough what a fantastic small town series Bindarra Creek is for that feel good experience.
The CEO Mechanic is book four in this series and introduces the Fairfax’s rebellious daughter Brooke and Mac Stafford a man who is trying to reconcile himself with the death of his younger brother.
These two have an instant connection that surprises them both. Put secrets threaten to pull them apart and Mac has to prove to Brooke that he is the man for her.
I really enjoyed meeting some new characters in this story especially Brooke’s young brother Davey, what a cute child, he made my heart melt.
We also get to meet some of the previous characters. I think this is the appeal to this series, you get a real feel for the town and its residents