A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Tempting Fate

tempting-fatefrontcoverfinal-copy1Tempting Fate is by Erin Moira O’Hara and is book eight in the Bindarra Creek series.

Is the truth worth losing those she loves?

Honoring their mother’s last wish, Samantha Quinn and her young brother leave the vibrant, beachside city of Newcastle for a small country town in Northern New South Wales. Samantha’s quest is to locate the woman who gave her up at birth. She never imagined meeting a man who could tempt her to stay, or that she’d be running for her life from a raging bush fire, armed bandits, and stampeding cattle.

Riley Morgan is enjoying life after ten grueling years in Sydney’s Drug Squad. As Senior Sergeant in his hometown of Bindarra Creek, his toughest duty these days is seeing the occasional drunk safely home. Then fate delivers Samantha— a sexy, gutsy and enthralling woman who threatens to take the long-standing rivalry between the Morgans and Sullivans into a new arena.

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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Stolen Sanctuary

ef73bc39-f9f7-4cd3-a905-32bfa2067a52A spin off of Stacey Nash’s enthralling Oxley College Saga set in the rural country town of Bindarra Creek.

The one thing that keeps Oxley College’s Molly McLean calm amidst midterm exams and keg parties is knowing she’s got a quiet place to land in her hometown of Bindarra Creek. But even from college, Molly’s heard rumours about her small country hometown’s big city makeover. She knows reviving tiny Bindarra Creek will draw in more tourists—so while home for the summer, she sets out to convince her conservative parents to spruce up their motel in order to cash in on the influx of new business that will surely come.

However, Molly never thought the town’s makeover would have a negative impact on her little slice of home until she returns to the stables were she’s worked every summer since she was thirteen. Sexy city boy Callan Hunter is turning the tranquil property she loves into another churn-people-through tourist spot. Butting heads with the business-minded hottie is the last way Molly thought she’d be spending her holidays, but there’s no way she can stand around and allow the stables her grandad hand-built to be torn down. If she can’t convince Callan to ease up on the bulldozing, Bindarra Creek will no longer be a sanctuary. It’ll be a concrete jungle.

His sexy arrogance might have everyone else ensnared, but Molly’s already been there, done that. Now she’s immune. Or is she?

Is home really where the heart is?

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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Home to Bindarra Creek

home-to-bindarra-creek-v3Home to Bindarra Creek is book six in our Bindarra Creek series.

When fate brings together two lost souls, it’s time to leave the shadows behind and come home to Bindarra Creek.

With rejuvenation of her small home town in the pipeline, Park Ranger, Alice Pritchard has no choice but to let go of the past. Dan Molyneaux roars into her life in his high-powered V8 and reopens the Riverside Pub, forcing her to face her ghosts, his possum problem, Curly the cockatoo who swears like a sailor, Old Man Jake who’s appointed himself caretaker of the property, and Grandad Charlie who’s determined to find her the man he thinks she deserves.

Alice would love to ignore them all and keep living in the cocoon she’s created for herself in sleepy Bindarra Creek, but fate has other plans for her.

Dan isn’t looking for love or the friendship of the two crazy old men who appear to have adopted him. All he wanted was the peace and quiet of the country, away from the city highways. Soon he’s swept along by renovations, fundraisers, hell-raisers and the problems of a small town coming back to life. But it’s the park ranger he’s curious about. Why would a girl as beautiful as Alice bury herself in a backwater town so far off the main highway, it was merely a blip on the satellite map? What he uncovers raises some of his own ghosts from the dead.

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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Reach for the Stars

reach-for-the-stars-Kerrie-Paterson-thReach for the Stars is written by Kerrie Paterson and is book five in the Bindarra Creek series

Reach for the stars and take hold of your dreams.

In the small community of Bindarra Creek, Stevie Ryan pours her heart and soul into running Reach for the Stars – her outdoor adventure program for at-risk kids. For her, it’s more than a business, it’s personal. Unfortunately, unless she can gain funding, she’ll have to shut the program down or sell her childhood home.

Journalist Luke Fraser seems like the answer to her prayers when he arrives from Sydney to write a story about her charity, but he’s not who he seems. When he’s exposed as a potential benefactor Secret Millionaire-style, their growing relationship comes under threat. Rich, pampered, city businessmen have no place in her world, especially ones who lie. Her cheating ex-husband taught her that lesson.

But she has bigger problems to face when one of her at-risk teens disappears and their world is rocked with fear. And it’s not the untamed landscape that’s the danger.

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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ The CEO Mechanic

The-CEO-Mechanic-Final wsThe CEO Mechanic is the fourth of the Bindarra Creek Romance series and just happens to be my story.

Can the small town of Bindarra Creek erase the demons from his past and help him find love and forgiveness?

Struggling to come to terms with the guilt of his younger brother’s death, Mac Stafford heads to the country for solitude. Hopefully, the small town of Bindarra Creek will offer the peace he craves. However, nothing keeps the demons away at night.

After being summoned home to Bindarra Creek, Brooke Fairfax finds herself instantly attracted to the town’s new mechanic. Her feelings deepen when Mac shows a kindness to Brooke’s younger brother who is a Down syndrome child.

When she discovers Mac has lied and didn’t confided in her with the truth, her trust in him is shattered.

Working together for the good of the town gives Mac an opportunity to demonstrate his integrity to Brook; but can she let go her prejudice and believe in his love.


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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Second Chance Love

suebindarra4Second Chance Love by Susanna Bellamy is book three in the Bindarra Creek series.

When you can’t go back, is there any way but forward?

When Claire Swenson inherits her great-aunt’s home and returns to Bindarra Creek as town librarian, Angus McGregor is the first person she meets.

The second is his eleven-year old son.

Just because Angus wants a second chance doesn’t mean that Claire will put aside her determination not to commit to a relationship – no matter how sexy he is, or how well they work together as they fight for the community and to save Angus’ property.

Can he convince Claire that love is sweeter the second time around.

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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Shadows of the Heart

shadows-of-the-heart_low-resShadows of the Heart by Lee Christine is book two in the Bindarra Creek Romance anthology.

How far can you run before it’s time to turn and fight?

When Cameron Reid returns home from Iraq his sole intention is to help his ailing father restore the family cattle station, Bindarra Downs, to its former glory. But when Rhiannon Scott, a girl he hasn’t seen in fifteen years comes knocking at his father’s door, Cameron’s wish for a return to the quiet, country life is turned upside down.

Rhiannon has a secret. A city girl lying low in the country town she first visited as a billet, she’s yearning to take back the life she’s been forced to put on hold. Getting involved with the irresistible, former army commander, a pillar of the community, would only invite the kind of unwanted attention she’d been advised to avoid.

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A Bindarra Creek Romance ~ Bindarra Creek Makeover

bindarra-creek-makeover-v4-533x8001Bindarra Creek Makeover is the first book in the Bindarra Creek Series. Set in a struggling rural country town, it’s a romance with a difference.

On a collision course with the nightmare from her past, she never dared dream she’d find love. Tessa Gibson reluctantly embarks on a desperate plan to fund her escape from a dangerous collision with her past. With the help of an isolated country town and the government grant meant to rebuild it, she’ll secure new identities for her sickly daughter and herself. Frantic to escape the nightmare stalking them, it never enters her head she’ll fall in love – not only with a cop but an entire community that makes her feel like one of their own.

With his career on shaky ground after his ex-partner is charged with fraud, Constable Dylan Myers (aka Dodge) returns to his hometown of Bindarra Creek. What he finds is a community struggling to survive. When an attractive young woman presents a proposal to the town council, his internal cop radar is activated. Something isn’t adding up about Tessa Gibson. No matter how much she makes his pulse race, Dodge doesn’t need or want any complications – especially in his love-life, which is just fine as it is. But neither Tessa nor Dodge are a match for his grandmother and her CWA cronies. They’ve got their own ideas on how to draw new life to Bindarra Creek…and not even the monster from Tessa’s past will stop them.

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2×4 star Reviews for The CEO Mechanic on Goodreads

Stacey Wright‘s review

Jan 03, 16
really liked it

I cannot recommend enough what a fantastic small town series Bindarra Creek is for that feel good experience.
The CEO Mechanic is book four in this series and introduces the Fairfax’s rebellious daughter Brooke and Mac Stafford a man who is trying to reconcile himself with the death of his younger brother.
These two have an instant connection that surprises them both. Put secrets threaten to pull them apart and Mac has to prove to Brooke that he is the man for her.
I really enjoyed meeting some new characters in this story especially Brooke’s young brother Davey, what a cute child, he made my heart melt.
We also get to meet some of the previous characters. I think this is the appeal to this series, you get a real feel for the town and its residents


The CEO Mechanic (Bindarra Creek Romance)
by Sandie James (Goodreads Author)

U 50x66

Dedrie Lyons‘s review

Jan 04, 16
really liked it

The CEO Mechanic gives a different slant of the stories so far. This one has secrets the hero is holding back for the heroine with repercussion that could go either way depending on how forgiven our heroine is to the secret.
Another enjoyable read that makes you want to read more in the series.

A big thanks to both of these reviewers.
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5 Star Review for The CEO Mechanic


51oYDipVhSL__SL160_SL150_I received a 5 star review from Lilly Roger’s for The CEO Mechanic.
I loved this story. Mac and Brooke were so believable in their roles as hero and heroine. Brooke’s little brother Davey steals the show in the scene he takes part. There are many amusing characters through out the book and a couple not so nice which they get their just desserts.
With each turn of the page you want to see these two get together no matter what is thrown at them.
This is the fourth book in this Bindarra Creek series. The thing I like about them is you can read them out of sequence and the series still works well. A great feel good story.
I can’t wait to read the rest of the series
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