At the age of fifteen, I picked up my first Mills and Boon novel and fell in love with the heroes and heroines and their struggle to find happiness. Then I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and was lost in the world of Historical Romance, never thinking that one day I would find myself writing stories of long ago heroes and heroines.

I love living in Australia with its diversity of beauty from the ocean coastlines to the dryness of the outback. My contemporary romances will take you on a ride across the length and breadth of our beautiful country, the place I call home.

My love of history started from an early age, when my Dad would tell me the stories of our ancestors coming to Australia from England, one side as free settlers, other side as convicts.

My historical stories will transport you through the Georgian and Regency Eras, with strong heroes and heroines determined to live their lives the way they choose not how society dictates.

I am member Hunter Romance Writers which I run with author and close friend S.E Gilchrist.

Saying Thank You

I’d like to thank my family for the love and support they continue to give me on my writing journey.

To my husband who draws mud maps for me and listens patiently while rant because things aren’t working with my WIP.

To my HRW family I couldn’t do this without the support and encouragement you girls give me.